Question: Do you offer different elevations for the same floorplan?
Answer: Some floorplans do have different or alternate elevations. If you would like to see an alternate elevation, send me an email requesting to see an alternate elevation.

Question: Do you offer the same flooplan with a basement?
Answer: Some floorplans do have an alternate basement floorplan.

Question: How long will it take to receive my house plans?
Answer:  A digital file in a PDF format will be sent to the printing company of your choice within 24 hours of your purchase.

Question: Will you alter the drawings to suit my needs?
Answer: Yes...for a fee. Providing your request does not involve moving a load bearing wall. 

Question: Will you draw me a custom set of house plans?
Answer: Yes. However, you should know that a set of custom house plans will be substantially more expensive. You should also know that all house plans purchased from Tim Belcher or whether custom or stock, will remain the property of  Tim Belcher and I reserve all rights to the drawings and will resale the house plan on this website.

Question:  Will you be adding house plans to the site?
Answer: Yes. Occasionally, I will add a new design to the site. I do this when my time permits.