Principal --- Tim Belcher -  I am a creative person. I love to build things. In 1990, I began building homes and then later, to fulfill my creative side, I began designing many of the homes I built. I no longer build homes for a living. Now I work as a consultant and home inspector...but I still love designing homes.

My experience --- Contractor/Builder: 20 years, House plan designer: 16 years, Home Inspector: 12 years, Licensed Electrician: 12 years, Real Estate Broker: 5 years, Current: Building Consultant. I am not an architect or engineer.

My philosophy --- Function over form...simple is better...however you like to say it....these phrases best describe my design philosophy. I like designing house plans for real people, like me. I like designing house plans for people who are looking to make a home...not a statement. I get great satisfaction from knowing that I have helped hard working people save money and still get a great set of house plans. 

Personal attention to each house plan --- I have personally built most of the house plans that are available for purchase on this website.  I know how well they sell as well as how well they live. You can't get  more personal than that.

Professionalism --- Don't misinterpret what I mean by discount. By discount, I mean less money...not less quality. Even though your buying a set of house plans at a drastically reduced price, your not sacrificing quality. To be clear, you are purchasing a quality set of house plans drawn for the professional builder, yet easy to read for the do-it yourselfer. In short, these plans are simple, easy to read and affordable.